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Vaccine news update

Parmer Medical Center did not be receive any vaccines this week. They are still on the list and will notify the public on their Facebook page when the next batch in comes in. PMC staff will continue to take your calls and maintain the waiting list.

To request a place on a list for a vaccine, please call: 806-240-1562 or 806-240-1761 (Para Espanol llame a este numero de telefono). English speakers can call either number.

When you call, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, and a phone number so you can be notified when you are scheduled. If the line is busy, leave a voicemail message and someone will call you back to confirm your information and answer any questions you might have. The goal is to get everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible.

PMC has had a great response to the vaccine "hotline" and they thank you for calling to reserve your vaccine. Currently, over 400 people have called requesting a vaccine. As soon as the next shipment arrives they will start calling and scheduling again.

A couple of questions have been repeatedly asked:

Should I or can I get the vaccine if I have had COVID? Yes, you can. In fact, it is recommended that you get the vaccine. The CDC says you can choose to wait 90 days before getting vaccinated but it is not necessary.

How long before I am protected from the virus? For the two-dose vaccines, the process of getting fully vaccinated takes over a month in total. You will get full protection from the vaccine usually 1-2 weeks after getting your second dose.

Commissioners accept resignation of J.P.

The Parmer County Commissioners Court met in regular session on Monday, January 11, 2021 at 10 a.m. in the County Courtroom of the Parmer County Courthouse in Farwell, Texas. The meeting began with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and Texas Flag.

There were no public comments. Minutes from the December 28th meeting were read and approved. Commissioners approved the payment of the accounts payables as presented by County Treasurer Sharon May. The Treasurer's Report was also approved. The contract with UniFirst which includes carpet maintenance was extended for one year at a slightly lower cost than last year.

Jo Beth Gipson, Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, tendered her resignation effective January 31, 2021. Judge Gipson told the court that she and Bruce (husband) are moving to Graham, Texas to be closer to family. Commissioners are weighing their options concerning a replacement. The J.P. Pct. 1 position is up for election in 2022.

In other business, Commissioners approved an engagement letter with the firm of Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs and Advisors to perform the Year 2020 outside audit for the county. An request for an irrigation tile line under a county road was approved. The location is 1/2 mile west of County Road 17 & County Road R. The Salary Grievance Committee for 2021 was selected from the Grand Jury pool.

The 2021 holiday schedule was approved. For Christmas, the courthouse will close at noon on Wednesday and be closed until Monday the 27th. The courthouse will also be closed on Friday, December 31st for the New Year's Day holiday.

Sheriff Randy Geries reported that there are currently 25 inmates at the Law Enforcement Center. Commissioners approved a contract extension with Mentalix, Inc. which provides software/support for the fingerprint scanning/imaging system.

The next scheduled Commissioners Court meeting is Monday, January 25th.

All meetings are open to the public. The Commissioner's Court reserves the right to go into Executive Session at any time. The agenda may be found on the Parmer County website. Information in this article is only a summary. Any questions concerning specific actions should be directed to the Commissioners Court.

Friona's Fire Chief Jim Taylor is stepping down after 32 years of service as head of the Friona Volunteer Fire Department. Jim has been a member of the fire department for the past 40 years and will continue to serve as a firefighter with the organization. New Assistant Fire Chief Chance Lewellen is shown presenting Jim with a plaque commemorating his 40 years of service.

Town Talk

On Tuesday, Texas Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughs today convened the 87th Legislature's regular session, presiding over the opening ceremonies for the Texas House of Representatives and conducting the election of the new Speaker of the House, Representative Dade Phelan. The Texas Legislature operates under a biennial system and convenes at noon on the second Tuesday in January of odd-numbered years for a maximum of 140 days. The 87th Legislature's regular session begins January 12th, 2021, and will conclude May 31st, 2021.


January 18th is National Thesaurus Day. As you know from your prehistoric studies (Pre-K), Thesaurus is a well-spoken dinosaur who always has the right word for any given situation, condition, or circumstance. You might know him as Thesaurus Rex or T-Rex for short, tiny, or minuscule. Thesaurus is synonymous with synonyms which are synonymous with Thesaurus. Easy, effortless, simple. Some might not realize that Thesaurus is a distant cousin to Dictionary Rex. That dinosaur is absolutely, completely, and totally undefinable.


January is the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to celebrate National Blood Donor Month. Due to increased seasonal illnesses during the winter months and inclement weather conditions, donations of blood and platelets decline and demand increases. Blood donation is safer than ever before and saves lives. Millions of people including cancer patients, organ recipients, and victims of accidents rely on blood donations. Over 36,000 units of red blood cells and 7,000 units of platelets are needed every single day. About 6.8 million people donate blood every year in our country. 38% of our population is eligible to donate, but less than 10% actually do so.


John Gurley reported that Friona received 2.5 inches of snow last weekend. The area was projected to receive around 6 inches of snow but the low pressure shifted south and blanketed most of the central part of the state with the white stuff. John said that this 2.5 inches of snow converted to .25 inches of moisture. This "quarter inch of rain" equals the amount received last November and December combined. We are off to a good start but there is still a long way to go to climb out of our drought.

Commonly, the percentage of water to snow is called the "snow ratio". An old rule of thumb is that for every 10 inches of snow, there would be 1 inch of water (10:1). This conversion applies for snow falling at temperatures near freezing, between 28 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. To calculate snow to rain for temperatures between 20 and 27 degrees Fahrenheit, divide snowfall by 15 instead of 10. For temperatures between 15 and 19 degrees Fahrenheit, divide snowfall by 20. Between 10 and 14, divide by 30; between 0 and 9, divide by 40; between -20 and -1, divide by 50, and between -40 and -21, divide by 100.


National Days

January 14:

Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 15:

Hat Day

January 16:

Religious Freedom Day

January 17:

Hot Buttered Rum Day

January 18:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 19:

Popcorn Day

January 20:

Cheese Lover's Day



Council approves contract for new library bookshop

The Friona City Council met in regular session on Monday, January 11, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at 619 Main in Friona, Texas. The meeting began with a roll call, an invocation, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were no public comments. Minutes of the December 14, 2020 were reviewed and approved. Approval was given for the disposal of records in accordance with the management rules and regulations.

The Council approved a contract with Trejo's Roofing & Construction for the construction of the new library bookshop. The project has a set maximum price tag of $108,000 that cannot be exceeded.

Reports were presented by the Friona Police Department and the Friona EMS Department concerning budget, expenses, personnel, and upcoming events. EMS Director Nik Baucom told the Council that the team has been very busy the past couple of weeks since the Bovina EMS has been in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also informed the Council that Friona EMS could be a vaccine access point in the future, if needed.

The Council approved the Accounts Payable for December 2020 and the Financial Statement for December 2020. Approval was also given for the 1st Quarter (Oct-Dec) Financial Statement.

The Council discussed procedures and deadlines for the upcoming 2021 City of Friona Election. Anyone who is interested can pick up an application at the city office beginning Wednesday, January 13th and register to become a candidate. The deadline to file for a place on the ballot is Friday, February 12th. The council positions of Bruce Fleming, Alan Monroe, and Jeff Stowers are up for election this year.

The Council also discussed upcoming amendments to a garage sale ordinance and a truck ordinance. The meeting was adjourned.

All meetings are open to the public. The City Council reserves the right to go into Executive session at any time. Visit cityoffriona.com to find agendas and minutes from previous meetings. Information in this article is only a summary. Any questions concerning specific actions should be directed to the City Council.

Blood drive is January 21st

Coffee Memorial Blood Center will conduct a "2020-2021 Fingers Crossed" blood drive on Thursday, January 21st from Noon until 7:00 p.m. in the Calvary Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. The Friona Community Blood Drive is sponsored by the Friona Noon Lions Club.

Call 806-331-8833 or visit yourbloodinstitute.org to schedule an appointment. All donations will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies to identify potential convalescent plasma donors.

Appointments are preferred to help with social distancing but walk-ins are accepted as the schedule allow. Masks are required.

All donors will receive a 2021 long sleeve t-shirt and a free pass to Escape the Trap House to try an escape room.

To donate convalescent plasma, donors must have had a positive COVID-19 test result, be symptom-free for 14 days and be at least 7 days past their last blood or plasma donation. Donors can sign up by calling the convalescent plasma hotline at 888-308-3924 or by visiting thegiftoflife.org.

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