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Links for Thursday, September 25, 2014:

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Brandon Berend wins week 3

Week 3 of the Friona Star Football contest saw two Friona Chieftains topping the field. Brandon Berend narrowly defeated John Haile in the tiebreaker for the top spot this week. Berend and Haile both got 13 correct. Berend missed the Caprock/Plainview and Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech games while Haile also missed the Caprock/Plainview game he chose the Rams to top the Cowboys.

Brandon follows his mother’s example. Sandra won first place in Week 2.

Choosing 12 correct were Scott Brown, Rusty McFarland and Kenny Stone.

The Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech was the biggest turnover of last week. Many of the football contestants went with Virginia Tech.

At the Montana household, Tenna holds bragging rights this week. She chose ten correctly, while her mother, father and brother all chose nine. In the weekly standings, Andy tops his household with 28 correct over 3 weeks. Tenna is breathing down Andy’s neck with 27 correct. Drew has 25 while Erika is in fourth place with 24.

In the overall standings, Brandon Berend and Greg O’Brian top the chart with 32 correct after three weeks. Clint Mears is close behind with 31 correct. With 30 correct Claire Brown and Rodney Shelby are tied. Ten are tied with 29. They are Sandra Berend, Scott Brown, Jeremy Dearing, Lester C. Fennell, John Haile, Mack McFarland, Harley Merritt, Jesse Morales, Tyson Neill and Mitchell Smiley.

Come and join the friendly competition while playing the Friona Star Football Contest each week. Remember to clearly print your name, address and phone number on an official entry form and get it turned in by 4 p.m. on Friday. Official entry forms are found in the Friona Star with the official rules. Weekly winners earn a $25 prize. The overall winner will receive a Grand Prize of $100.