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Links for Thursday, November 10, 2016:

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Parmer County election results

There are 4,461 registered voters in Parmer County. In the November 8 election the county clerk’s office reports 2,488 Parmer County ballots were cast. Voting straight party were 1,244 Republican, 317 Democrat, 20 Libertarian, and 2 Green.

In the Presidential election Trump/Pence received 1,911 votes, Clinton/Kaine 484, Johnson/Weld 55, and Stein/Baraka 4. There were 21 write-in votes.

For U.S. Representative Jodey Arrington received 1,998 votes, Tracy Bonar 162, Mark Lawson 76. State Representative District 86 John Smithee (unopposed) 2,087 votes.

District Attorney Kathryn Gurley 2,130, County Attorney Jeff Actkinson 2,132, Sheriff Randy Geries 2,165, County Tax Assessor Bobbie Pierson 2,138, County Commissioner Precinct 1 Kirk Frye 664, and County Commissioner Precinct 2 Kenny White 693, all ran unopposed.