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Links for Thursday, June 2, 2016:

NewsTown Talk

dr. gary cash photo
From Dr. Gary Cash: Weather permitting, the construction crews will finish our first electrical wind generator this week. There will be 96 of them in this project. The stand is made of three pipes or ‘cans’. The bottom one weighs 120,000 pounds while each of the other two weigh 100,000 pounds apiece. Each blade of the ‘fan’ weighs 26,000 pounds [there are 3]. The box to the left of this fan in this photo contains the nuts and bolts of the generator and weighs 150,000 pounds alone. The tall crane in this photo does the final assembly and it is rated at 550 Tons. They told me to wear my hardhat while visiting.....just wondering what part that would save me from if it fell on me. Lol

courtesy photo
State Champions. Lydia Alexander, left, won 1st place in newswriting at the state UIL competition. Graci Stallings placed 2nd in feature writing. The ladies earned enough points to place 2nd as a team. Lydia is sophomore and Graci is a freshman. The next weekend Lydia went back to Austin and earned a 1st in choir solo. What a nice way to end the school year. Way to go Lydia and Graci.

Town Talk II

Official weather guy John Gurley reports the following rain totals in Friona: 0.75” Sunday night, 0.28” Monday night, 2.01” for May. Then we got a bunch more Tuesday night into Wednesday. Guess we can thank the volleyball girls’ car wash last Saturday for the nice rain.


Last week I mentioned that I had some great chocolate chip cookies at the cemetery clean-up day. I also said Jan Chesher made the cookies but that was wrong. A Friend corrected me. It was Linda Chesher that made them. Sorry for the mix-up Linda. Her cookies are some of the best. (more...)

ron carr photo
The Friona Star was presented the School Bell Award from Texas Retired Teacher’s Association Region XVI for Outstanding Media Coverage of Educational News. Presenting the award to Friona Star Managing Editor Dana Jameson were Amelia Wright, left, and Sharon White, right.