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Castaneda wins contest grand prize

The annual Friona Star 12-week football contest is over.

In Week 12, the weekly $25 winner was young Mr. Logan Loflin, a Friona junior high 7th grader. Week 12 proved to be brutal for contestants. Young Loflin had 11 of 15 correct. No one else was even close. The next highest score was 9 of 15. Several veteran players only had 4 or 5 correct.

In the race for the grand prize of $100, Rick Castaneda of Hereford had a two-point lead over Sandra Berend of Friona going into the final week. Rick managed only 7 of 15 correct, leaving an opening for Sandra to take the lead. Unfortunately Sandra also managed only 7 of 15 correct so Rick Castaneda is our 2013 grand prize winner. We appreciate everyone who participated in the football contest. We hope you enjoyed it.

Here is a recap of the weekly winners and the number of correct games picked: Rusty McFarland 14, Mark Galan 11, Bailee Braillif 14, Rodney Shelby 12, Tim Elmore 13, Aubrey Parson 13, Martin Brito 12, Raymond Diaz 12, Myrtle Melton 13, Jesse Morales 12, Sally Gonzalez 13, and Logan Loflin 11.

Note that the grand prize winner, Rick Castaneda, did not win a weekly contest. His point total of 124 is an average of 10.33 games per week.

The top ten final standings were: Castaneda 124, Berend 122, Dorothy Stowers 121, Aubrey Parson 118, Christen Stowers 118, Bailee Braillif 117, Frank Dominguez 117, and these players finished with 116; Jess Dearing, Lester Fennell, Mark Galan, Rusty McFarland, and Myrtle Melton.

Again, thanks to all for entering the contest and a special thanks to our sponsors, without whom we would not be playing. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.