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Links for Thursday, November 28, 2013:

newstown talkfriona interbank promotions football contest winner

ron carr photo

As mom looks on, Avery and Camry Kendrick take the runway to model during Ingram’s style show at the Country Market Arts & Crafts show last weekend at the community center. The girls are the daughters of Casey and Andy Kendrick.

ron carr photo

The Panhandle was battered with snow, cold temps, and wind over the weekend. Friona measured 8” of the white stuff beginning Saturday afternoon through most of Sunday. TxDOT crews were busy during the weekend clearing roads but driving was still treacherous. By Tuesday sunshine had returned and melting was well underway.

Town Talk II

Well okay then. We wanted moisture and beginning Saturday afternoon and most of the day Sunday we were covered with 8-inches of snow. Temps remained in the 20s so melting has been slow. I know we sometimes criticize the TxDOT workers but let’s send a big thank you their way for all of the snowplowing and sanding they did all weekend. Should be all cleared by Thanksgiving but if you are traveling like I am, please be vigilant and safe.


I’ll be driving to Denton Thursday for the weekend to visit with my baby girl Megan, son Casey in Frisco, and daughter Candee in Coppell. Daughter Kirsten and family are off on a weeklong cruise. We will probably partake of a Thanksgiving repast at the local Cracker Barrel and do some shopping stuff. Hope you all have a nice blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. We have a lot to be thankful for. (more...)

Promotions at Friona Interbank

Friona Interbank has announced the recent promotions of two employees, Cherlyn Pruitt and Amelia Taylor.

Cherlyn Pruitt has been promoted to Banking Officer with responsibilities in the New Accounts Department. Cherlyn began working at the bank in August of 1980 in the bookkeeping department. (more...)

Castaneda wins contest grand prize

The annual Friona Star 12-week football contest is over.

In Week 12, the weekly $25 winner was young Mr. Logan Loflin, a Friona junior high 7th grader. Week 12 proved to be brutal for contestants. Young Loflin had 11 of 15 correct. No one else was even close. The next highest score was 9 of 15. Several veteran players only had 4 or 5 correct.

In the race for the grand prize of $100, Rick Castaneda of Hereford had a two-point lead over Sandra Berend of Friona going into the final week. Rick managed only 7 of 15 correct, leaving an opening for Sandra to take the lead. Unfortunately Sandra also managed only 7 of 15 correct so Rick Castaneda is our 2013 grand prize winner. We appreciate everyone who participated in the football contest. We hope you enjoyed it. (more...)