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Links for Thursday, April 24, 2014:

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Future of the golf course

(We received this email from Mayor Rick White)


Within the last couple of months, I have received many inquiries, questions and comments about the life span of the Friona Golf Course. I could not answer all of the questions, so I visited with Dee King last week and found out through Dee the following information:

#1) there is not a specific date set as of now on the closure of the Golf Course. It will continue to be maintained and operated as a Golf Course. We do not know at this time if or when that date will be set. Currently, to help control expenses, only the greens and tee boxes will be maintained. The fairways will need rain if they are going to receive any water. (Pray for rain).

#2) if you are a member and have stayed current on your monthly membership dues, you will continue to be able to play. If you have not kept your monthly membership dues current, then you will need to get the dues current before you can play.

The one thing that will help keep the Golf Course open is being able to cover the monthly expenses and we need to generate more money to get that done. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join as a member. If you want to become a member, please go see Derek at the pro shop. The Golf Course needs many members to help keep the monthly expense down to a minimum. The membership is one of the main keys to survival.

I am sure there are still other questions that I did not get addressed, but as I gather information, I will continue to pass it on.

Mayor Rick White