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Links for Thursday, September 18, 2014:

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Berend wins week two of football contest

Sandra Berend and Clint Mears topped the roster of sixty-nine players with 11 correct picks in the second week of the Friona Star Football Contest. Berend edged out Mears by only missing the tiebreaker by two points.

Borger surprised many of our contestants by beating Bushland 26-23. In the college games, Arkansas topped the regional favorite, and contest favorite, Texas Tech.

Four out of five of the professional games caught many contestants off guard. Chicago, Cleveland, Carolina and San Diego managed to win their games much to the surprise of many.

Eleven players followed up Berend and Mears by choosing 10 games correctly. Those players were Scott Brown, Jess Dearing, Ronald Diaz, Frank Gonzalez, Jr., Kaegan Kerby, Greg Lewellen, Jamie Lewellen, Mack McFarland, Rodney Shelby and Mitchell Smiley.

At the Lewellen house, Jamie holds bragging rights this week by beating Greg in the tiebreaker. Jamie guessed the total score of the Houston/Oakland game missing it by only 4 points and missed the Dallas/Tennessee game by 1 point.

Clint Mears, Greg O’Brian and Rodney Shelby top the standing at 21 after week two.

There is still time to get into the game. Remember to clearly print your name, address and phone number on an official entry form and get it turned in by 4 p.m. each Friday. There are four ways to enter Fax to 806-250-5127; Mail to Football Contest, P.O. Box 789, Friona, TX 79035; Deliver your entry to the Friona Star office at 916 Main Street; or drop off at Dorothy’s Beauty Shop, 3rd Street in Bovina. Mailed entries must be postmarked by 4 p.m. on Friday.

Only one entry form per individual. Contestants must be 10-years-old or over to enter. Weekly winners earn a $25 prize. The player with the total points at the end of the contest wins a Grand Prize of $100.