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Links for Thursday, March 3, 2016:

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County election results

Of the 1,343 ballots cast in the March 1 election, 1,229 were Republican and 114 were Democrat.

Ted Cruz received the most votes at 728, followed by Trump at 218 and Rubio 145. Ben Carson got 89 and John Kasich 24. Several candidates that are no longer running for president received votes: Bush 4, Rand Paul 3, Lindsey Graham 2, Carly Fiorina 1, and Huckabee 5.

In the District 19 Congressional race Jodey Arrington carried the county with 327 votes. Next closest was Glen Robertson with 206 votes. Wayne Christian received 306 votes for Railroad Commissioner.

Hillary Clinton received 82 votes for the Democrats. Bernie Sanders had 26. Martin O'Malley, Keith Judd, Rocky De La Fuente, and Willie Wilson each received one vote in the Democrat presidential race.