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Hurst, Cleavinger take top steer honors

Showmen from across Parmer County gathered at the Friona Community Center last week to participate in the 80th Annual Parmer County Livestock Show. Three hundred fifty-one animals were shown over the four day show. Showmen represented Friona FFA, Farwell FFA, Lazbuddie FFA, Bovina and Parmer County 4-H.

The show began on Tuesday, January 17 with the Heifer Show which had one entry from Josh Cox of the Lazbuddie FFA. He showed the first place, Grand Champion Heifer. Rusty Day of Meadow, TX judged the Heifer and Steer Show.

The steer show began immediately following the Heifer Show.

Cade Hurst took top honors in the Steer Show with his Grand Champion Cross Steer. Hurst also earned Reserve Senior Showmanship honors.

Brynlie Cleavinger showed the Reserve Grand Champion British Steer.

Jantsen Morris earned Reserve Junior Showmanship honors while showing his first place American steer who was also the Breed Champion.

Jayden Morris showed the Reserve Breed British steer and earned the Junior Showmanship award. He also showed the Reserve Breed American Champion.

Ashlynn Timms showed the first place Cross steer and earned the Senior Showmanship award.

Heath Hadley showed the second place Cross steer and earned Reserve Breed Champion honors.

The Rabbit Show was held Wednesday, January 18 with 18 rabbits being shown in three weight classes. James Berry of Lubbock, TX judged the rabbits contest.

Meredith Ratke earned Grand Champion honors and first place with her heavy weight rabbit.

Matthew Dale took first place and Reserve Grand Champion honors with his medium weight rabbit.

The Goat, Lamb and Barrow Shows were held Thursday, January 19 leading off with 37 goats being shown in the Goat Show. The Goat and Lamb Shows were judged by Robert Scott of Lubbock, TX.

Showing the Grand Champion Goat was Avery Timms of Lazbuddie. Timms also earned the Reserve Senior Showmanship award.

Reserve Grand Champion Goat was shown by Seth Murphree who was showing with the Friona FFA. Murphree also earned the Senior Showmanship award.

Quay Schueler earned the Junior Showmanship award while Anthony Abarca earned the Reserve Junior Showmanship award.

The Lamb Show followed immediately after the Goat Show with 69 lambs being shown.

Ashlynn Timms of Lazbuddie showed the Grand Champion Medium Wool Lamb and earned the Senior Showmanship award. Timms also showed the Reserve Grand Champion Lamb.

Madison Osborn showed the Breed Champion Dorper while Sloan Osborn showed the Reserve Breed Dorper.

Sterling Henderson showed the Reserve Breed Champion Fine Wool. Madison Osborn showed the Breed Champion Fine Wool and Cross lambs while earning the Reserve Junior Showmanship award.

Braddock Foster showed the Reserve Breed Champion Cross lamb. Charlie Trimble showed the Breed Champion Southdown.

The Barrow Show began after a short break on Thursday with 207 barrows being shown. Kyle Stephens of Plains, TX judged the Barrow Show.

Landry Henderson showed the Grand Champion Duroc. Reserve Grand Champion York was shown by Kylie Haseloff. Haseloff also earned Reserve Senior Showmanship honors.

Foster Gilley showed the Breed Champion Berkshire and Sterling Henderson showed the Reserve Breed Champion.

Madison Tyler showed the Breed Champion Chester while Rustin Penrod showed the Reserve Breed Champion and earned the Reserve Junior Showmanship award.

Madison Holcomb earned Reserve Breed Championship honors with her Duroc and Brayden Potts earned Senior Showmanship honors.

Garrett Henderson won Breed Champion with his Landrace. Walker Williams won Breed Champion Hamp and Rachel Hromas won Reserve Breed Champion Hamp.

Jaelyn Smith won Breed Champion Spot and Jantsen Morris won Reserve Breed Champion Spot.

Erica Williams earned Breed Champion Poland and Garrison Haseloff won Reserve Breed Champion Poland.

Caden Bunker took home the Reserve Breed York while Kylie Haseloff earned Breed Champion Cross honors.

John Schacher won the Reserve Breed Champion with his Cross barrow. He also earned Junior Showmanship honors.

The Parmer County Junior Livestock Sale was held Saturday, January 21 at the Friona Community Center.

The Grand Champion Lamb was purchased by Lowes Supermarket of Friona for $2,300. The lamb was shown by Ashlyn Timms from Lazbuddie.

Parmer County Feedyard purchased the Grand Champion Steer for $6,100. The steer was shown by Cade Hurst of Lazbuddie.

T&L Harvesting purchased the Grand Champion Goat for $1,200. The goat was shown by Avery Timms of Lazbuddie.

The Grand Champion Barrow was purchased by the Legends Buyers Club for $2,600. The barrow was shown by Landry Henderson of Farwell.

The final total from the sale will be announced at a later date.

Full stock show results can be found on page 6.