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Links for Thursday, November 23, 2017:

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Mike Field wins Grand Prize

All the votes are tallied and, drum roll, please…the winner of the 2017 Friona Star Football Contest is….Mike Field. Mike took an early lead and held on to it to the very end and wins the $100 Grand Prize.

Mike and his brother, Jon, broke the 100-point barrier to come in first and second place. Mike scored 103 and Jon had 101.

Ambrosio Rios, Jr., of Friona, took home the weekly 1st place prize this week with by being the only contestant to score 9 correctly. Jimmy Walker, of Canyon, takes home the 2nd place prize by scoring 8 correctly and only missing the Friona/Wall tiebreaker by one point. Sue Walker, of Canyon, was close behind Jimmy at 8, but missed the Friona/Wall game by seven points.

Also scoring an 8 this week were Quentin Shelby, Raymond Diaz, and Tyrone Shelby.

Earning honorable mentions were Claire Brown and Tim Elmore scoring 99, Sandra Berend and BaiLee Braillif scoring 98, and Enrique Rodriquez and Tyrone Shelby scoring 97.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for playing the Friona Star Football Contest. See you next August.