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Links for Thursday, May 18, 2017:

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FHS announces Who's Who winners

Friona High School announced the winners of the 2016-17 Who’s Who honorees annual awards assembly held Friday, May 12. Seniors Kim DeWit and Alvaro Gardea were named Mr. & Miss FHS.

Named Class Favorites were: Seniors-Ashley Soltero and Alvaro Gardea; Juniors-Verenice Mendoza and Julius Orozco; Sophomore-Nayeli Jaramillo and Jonathan Hernandez; and Freshmen-Carly Drake and Zeke Garcia.

Most Talented students were: Seniors-Alexa Garcia and Alvaro Gardea; Juniors-Brooklynne Johnston and Johnny Ojeda; Sophomores-Rosa Zamora and Eduardo Guaderrma; Freshmen-Anay Chihuahua and Jose Grado.

Named Friendliest were: Seniors-Rosa Macias and Christopher Rodriguez; Juniors-Brooklynne Johnston and Seth Murphree; Sophomores-Rosa Zamora and Juan Garcia; Freshmen-Olga Salinas and Jesus Guerrero.

Most Dependable were: Seniors-Kori Caywood and Marcos Orozco; Juniors-Stephanie Corralez and Edvin Tzunux; Sophomores-Bailey Pope, Cody DeWit and Jonathan Hernandez; Freshmen-Nancy Rocha and Angel Mills.

Most Competitive were: Seniors-Kendall Barnett, Paige Upton and Alvaro Gardea; Juniors-Jacqueline Legarretta and Mario Hernandez; Sophomore-Mariah Trevino and Jonathan Hernandez; Freshmen-Jaci Trevino and Rogelio Palacios.

Most Humorous were: Seniors-Robin Kelley and Edwin Garcia; Juniors-Erika Grado and Julius Orozco; Sophomores-Nayeli Jaramillo and Jonathan Hernandez; Freshmen-Isabel Castenada and Zeke Garcia.

Most School Spirited were: Seniors-Taylor Stallings and Alex Cigarroa; Juniors-Cynthia Gonzalez and Michael Valdez; Sophomores-Rickie Castillo and Isaac Cigarroa; Freshmen-Carly Drake and Marcos Juarez.

Most Likely to Succeed were: Seniors-Alexa Garcia and Mason Fleming; Juniors-Brooklynne Johnston and Edvin Tzunux; Sophomore-Brenda Jaramillo and Cody DeWit; Freshmen-Madyson Vazquez and Angel Mills.