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Links for Thursday, January 4, 2017:

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Grant provides new Friona ambulance

“It’s a GREAT day in Friona!!!!!!! The City of Friona received an ambulance that was given by the Governor’s Extraordinary Emergency Fund,” stated Friona Mayor Rick White. “This is a great improvement to our existing Emergency Medical Service. We are very thankful to the Governor’s office for their consideration and generosity awarding Friona the new ambulance.”

How Friona qualified for Governor‘s Fund? Mayor White explained, “Friona is a 9-1-1 call service and must have a minimum of two dependable and certified ambulances. One ambulance blew an engine in November and Friona was down to one ambulance. This placed our city in a critical state of service only having one ambulance. The application for the Governor’s Extraordinary Emergency Fund was filled out and sent to the Governor’s Office. The application was quickly approved and the new ambulance was delivered to Friona.”

“Currently, we are borrowing a loaner ambulance from Bailey County until a permanent solution can be reached.”

What does the future hold? “The Emergency Medical Service is currently in very good shape with the addition of the new ambulance and the loaner ambulance from Bailey County,” stated White. “However, one of our ambulances is a 2008 model which will need to be replaced eventually. The Ambulance Committee has done a fantastic job raising donations in efforts to purchase a new ambulance. Our goal remains the same, to purchase another ambulance in the future that will provide a greater service to the citizens of this community.”