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Beware of Phone Scammers

“Phone scammers are impersonating police in several West Texas counties and asking for money,” says Sheriff Randy Geries. “We have received reports that scammers call citizens claiming to be various types of law enforcement officials and even our local agencies”.

“When people answer the phone, scammers impersonate a sheriff’s deputy or police officer and they claim there is a warrant out for the victim’s arrest. The scammers then ask people to wire money to take care of the warrant,” says Sheriff Geries.

If a call back number is left, the scammers even have a voicemail set up that sounds like it is the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Geries says to also not be fooled if the caller ID shows the call to be coming from a local area code or even a local number. Internet sites and applications allow scammers to obtain local numbers and even false ID’s to trick callers.

Another large scam in our area is the fake IRS call. Scammers call and impersonate the IRS claiming you didn’t do your taxes correctly or you owe back taxes and fees. They tell you that a warrant is being issued unless you pay the amount immediately, and they ask for a credit card or other payment arrangements. These are all scams. The IRS does not call citizens on these issues.

Sheriff Geries says that it is difficult to track these scammers and that these calls can even originate from other countries. “Our best defense is to educate our citizens to not fall victim in these cases. Don’t argue or continue to talk to these scammers, and simply hang up on them.” In most cases if a true warrant is issued for your arrest, Sheriff Geries states that you will receive a personal visit from law enforcement.

We encourage citizens to report all crimes along with any possible scam calls. No law enforcement agency will ever ask you for money over the phone. Contact your local law enforcement at the following numbers.

Parmer County Sheriff’s Office: 806-481-3303.

Friona Police Department: 806-250-2711.

For Bovina Police Department: 806-251-1133.

Farwell Police Department: 806-481-3600.