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Links for Thursday, June 13, 2013:

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City warns against dumping shingles

With the hail damage from last week now being assessed, Friona city manager Patricia Phipps reminds residents and roofers that the City of Friona does not have a landfill for disposing of shingles. No shingle dumping will be allowed in the city roll off box.

Roofers will need to find a landfill for dumping shingles. The cities of Hereford, Clovis, and Amarillo have landfills. There is a $1,000 fine for dumping shingles anywhere in the city limits of Friona.

Shingles can be dumped in the county dump box on FM2397 west of the Hwy 214 overpass. County commissioner Kirk Frye said an attendant is at the site from 12:30 – 5:30 p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday. There is no scale at the county dump site. Loads of shingles must be weighed prior to dumping.

Roofing companies are required to get a permit from the city. Cost is $10. An information form is filled out and proof of insurance is required. Residents who will be having their roof replaced are advised to make sure the roofing company is aware of the above information.