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McFarland posts almsot perfect picks

Rusty McFarland, of Friendswood, TX, almost perfectly picked all the winners of Week 4 of the Friona Star Football Contest. McFarland picked fourteen games and missed out on a perfect entry by missing the Minnesota/Michigan game.

Picking thirteen for a close second were Eric Geske of Friona and Mack McFarland of Crane. Both missed the Minnesota/Michigan game as well as Green Bay/Chicago.

Eight prognosticators tied with twelve picks. Those were Jess Dearing, Lester C. Fennell, William Gromowsky, Logan Loflin, Greg O’Brian, Roberto Rios, Christen Stowers and Jimmy Walker.

Emcee for the Miss Friona/Little Miss Friona pageant, Pedro Ramos, bonded with the contestants over the Friona Star Football Contest last week. He also managed to get three of the contestants to fill out entries. Chelsie Gomez picked 11 correctly while Ramos had a score of 10. Samantha Davila and JoJo Chacon both correctly picked 9.

After four weeks of play Greg O’Brian has pulled into the lead in the overall standings with a total score of 44. William Gromowski, Mack McFarland and Rusty McFarland are not too far behind at 42.

The Friona Star Football contest has eight more shots at taking away the grand prize of $100. Just remember to clearly print your name, address and phone number on an official entry form and return it to the Friona Star by 4 p.m. on Friday. Weekly winners earn $25 and bragging rights.