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Links for Thursday, February 27, 2014:

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Chiefs win powerlift meet

The Friona Powerlifting Championship meet was held in the new activity center Saturday February 22. The Chieftains won 1st place with 43 points. Dimmitt was 2nd with 21 points and Dalhart 3rd with 20 points.

The outstanding light weight lifter (best overall in 114 through 165 lb class) was Chieftain Adan Ramirez. Outstanding heavy weight lifter (best overall in 181 through super heavy weight class) was Chieftain Edgar Guerrero.

Friona individual boys’ results: Adan Ramirez 1st 132 lb class 1.210 lb total; Michael Garcia 1st 165 lb class 1,170 lb total; Abayomi Salinas 1st 242 lb class 1,370 lb total; Edgar Guerrero 1st super heavy weight class 1,800 lb total.

Justin Rocha 2nd 114 lb class 820 lb total (tied for 1st but was 2nd due to body weight); Juan Macias 2nd 123 lb class 805 lb total; Esdras Rodriguez 3rd 132 lb class 905 lb total; Abel Palacios 4th 181 lb class 1,080 lb total.

The Friona Squaws have two lifters qualified for the Region 1 meet in Mertzon, Texas Friday February 28. Bianca Arellano and Chelsie Gomez will lift in the 123 and 114 lb classes respectively. Bianca is ranked #6 in the region and Chelsie is the 1st alternate.

The Friona Chieftains qualified seven lifters to compete at the Region 1 meet in Sundown, Texas Saturday March 8; Justin Rocha 4th 114 lb; Juan Macias 1st alternate 123 lb; Adan Ramirez 1st 132 lb; Esdras Rodriguez 6th 132 lb; Michael Garcia 7th 181 lb; Abayomi Salinas 4th 242 lb; Edgar Guerrero 1st super heavy weight.

Coach Daniel Hutchins said Adan Ramirez and Edgar Guerrero are currently ranked #1 in the state of Texas in their respective weight classes.

dana jameson photo

FHS Powerlifter Edgar Guerrero placed 1st in the Super Heavy Weight Class at the Saturday meet held in Friona. Guerrero had a total of 1,800 lbs. for the day.

dana jameson photo

FHS Powerlifter Esdras Rodriguez placed 3rd in the 132 lb. Class with a total of 905 lbs. for the day.