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Trimble, Spring honored at Bovina Chamber banquet

The Bovina Chamber of Commerce held its annual banquet Thursday March 20 at the XIT Recreation Center. Don Spring, Chamber president, welcomed folks to the banquet. Invocation was given by Mike Prather.

The dinner was salad, steak, beans, baked potatoes and cobbler dessert. Bovina school cafeteria manager Cathy Riley and her kitchen crew prepared the food and high school students served it. Billy Smith and Mike Beauchamp were in charge of cooking the ribeye steaks which were furnished by Sweet Bran.

The musical Schilling sisters of Farwell, Olivia, Gabbie, and Mallory, provided the entertainment. Scott and Lori Hill’s high school art and shop students provided the decorations on the tables and horseshoe art as a centerpiece.

Citizen awards were presented to Sarah Stevens as Teacher of the Year, Cristal Ramirez and Julian Martinez for Students of the Year, Don Spring was Citizen of the Year, and C.E. Trimble was presented the Heritage Award. The benediction was given by Rev. Brian Mullins of the Bovina Baptist Church.

ron carr photo

C. E. Trimble was presented the Heritage Award at the Bovina Chamber of Commerce banquet.

ron carr photo

Don Spring was presented the Citizen of the Year award at the Bovina Chamber of Commerce banquet.