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Mayor's Minutes

by Ricky White


I would like to begin this letter by saying “thank you” for all of the thoughts and prayers I received before, during and after my surgery. I received a lot of great advice on things to do and not do before and after the surgery from others in the community that received the same surgery. I appreciate all of the advice I was given. My recovery has gone very well so far.

I mentioned last month that the city was making some major repairs on the water sprinkler system at the sewer plant. All repairs have been completed and the city will have an annual state inspection on Wednesday, January 18. The city anticipates no major violations during the inspection.

The Credit Union/Police Department continues to make progress. Still have tile being laid on the floors. The electrical outlets are being installed in the new walls and in designated locations. WT Services will soon be there to install the computer hook ups. PRPC will need to come in and install the radios. The move in date has been pushed back several weeks due to the bullet resistant window for the front entrance not being delivered for several weeks.

Judge Campbell had 49 new cases in December. There were 34 trials by judge cases that pled guilty and 13 cases dismissed. There was one new juvenile case filed. Total fines collected were $7,975.24.

EMS had 38 runs in December. There were 14 calls for 9-1-1, 17 calls for transfers and seven calls resulted in “no transport”. Payments collected equaled $36,117.63 and billing totaled $42,965.04.

Volunteer Fire Department responded to five emergency calls in December. On December 18-a vehicle accident with nine firefighters and three trucks responding. December 14-a vehicle accident with 10 firefighters and three trucks responding. December 18-a water line burst at Prairie Acres with three firefighters responding and six were left on call at the station if needed. December 25-a car accident with nine firefighters and three trucks responding. December 25-smoke reported from BNSF train with 10 firefighters and four trucks responding. Great work performed by the firefighters.

The city pumped 11,609,800 gallons of water in December and sold 8,832,000 gallons collecting $53,728.02 on 1428 accounts.

Chief Jimenez and the officers responded 282 calls in December. There were 125 stops, 82 warnings, 43 citations and 14 arrests. (7-no drivers license, 2-driving with license suspended, 1-assault, 1-driving while intoxicated, 1-unlawful restraint, 1-resisting arrest and 1-failure to identify). The officers drove a total of 3774 miles patrolling and protecting our city.

Accounts Payable equaled $197,547.63 for December. All bills were paid and the city continues to be in good standings.

It was reported and verified that someone was doing donuts on the south section of the cemetery. The police officers will drive out to the cemetery 3 times daily while on patrol and the cemetery gates will be locked at dusk and opened at sunrise. It is a shame that we have to implement these procedures to keep someone from damaging the resting place for our loved ones. If anyone has any information that could help identify the responsible party, please contact Chief Jimenez at the Police Department.

The Library had 779 patrons visit in December an average of 41 per day. There were 779 items circulated and 93 new items added to the inventory. The Friends of the Library met and will begin their Literary Basket Raffle and plans are in place for their membership drive, the theme this year is “Build a Better World”.

Your Mayor