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(GOOD)GRIEF! Two-part workshop

Grief is one of those words that is often times used in our language in many ways. At times one might hear the phrase ‘good grief’ used to express some aspect of frustration. If you look grief up in a dictionary one will find the root meaning of grief is related to some sort of distress.

The grief related to death loss can hardly be defined in a manner that is applicable for each person experiencing it. Each person’s grief related to death loss belongs to the survivor. That is why it is so hard to know what to say or say ‘the right thing’. Grief is a very individualized journey and no words, casseroles, or outing will take grief away or ‘heal’ grief. The goal should not be to get rid of grief; but to aim and work towards grief recovery.

Bluebonnet Home Health and Hospice is hosting a two-session grief workshop in November. It will be held Tuesday November 7 and 14 from noon to 3 p.m. at The First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Please come, enjoy lunch with others, and stay for a grief workshop series. Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you to learn and support you. For more information, call Bluebonnet Home Health and Hospice at 247-0057.