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Commissioners release FEMA funds for Precinct 1

The Parmer County Commissioners Court met in regular session Monday, August 14, 2017 at 10 a.m. on the County Courtroom of Parmer County Courthouse in Farwell.

The commissioners considered a seventeen item agenda that included the consideration of the 2018 Parmer County budget, the 2017 Parmer County Tax Rate, the approval of FEMA funds for Precinct 1 and the consolidation of Justice of the Peace precincts.

Earl Behrends updated the commissioners on the two watershed structures in the county. They are located near Bovina and Lazbuddie. There were no changes to the 5 year compliance check.

The commissioners considered the 2018 Parmer County budget and will adopt the document at the August 28, 2017 commissioners meeting. The document is on file at the Parmer County Clerk’s office and available for the public to view.

The effective tax rate of 0.5781 per $100 was considered and will be adopted at the next commissioners meeting.

Precinct 1 will receive $104,000 of FEMA funds for repairs to roads due to the Goliath snow storm.

The commissioners approved the continuation of the agreement between Parmer County and Efrain Balli for the land provided for the roll-off box near the overpass in Friona.

Friona ISD requested $109,092.50 from the Permanent School Funds to pay for the security system and the new phone system. The request was approved.

The commissioners approved engaging Allison, Bass & Magee, L.L.P. to represent the County in consolidating the Justice of the Peace Precincts. This move would reduce the JP Precincts from three to two.

Robert White was approved to serve on the Central Plains Center Board.

Jerry Killion addressed the commissioners to discuss the health insurance for county employees and elected officials. There will be an 8 percent increase. Parmer County has one of the best insurances with a $250 deductible. The commissioners approved the increase.

Parmer County Sheriff Randy Geries addressed the commissioners concerning the jail and Sheriff’s Department. The jail will soon be housing prisoners from Deaf Smith County, which will bring in added revenue. Geries stated that he was short-handed due to the recent resignation of Chief Deputy Joe Orozco. Orozco is now with the Friona Police Department.

The commissioners will next meet on Monday, August 28 at 10 a.m. at the County Courthouse in Farwell. All meetings are open to the public.