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2018 Parmer County Jr. Livestock Show Results

Showmen from across Parmer County gathered at the Friona Community Center last week to participate in the 81st Annual Parmer County Livestock Show. Three hundred eighty-one animals were shown over the four day show. Showmen represented Friona FFA, Farwell FFA, Lazbuddie FFA, Bovina and Parmer County 4-H.

The show began on Tuesday, January 16 with the Heifer Show which had one entry from Kaylop Villalobos. He showed the first place, Grand Champion Heifer. Rusty Day of Meadow, TX judged the Heifer and Steer Show.

The steer show began immediately following the Heifer Show with 17 steer entries.

Cade Hurst took top honors in the Steer Show with his Grand Champion Cross Steer. Hurst also earned Reserve Senior Showmanship honors.

Kobi Kirby showed the Reserve Grand Champion Cross Steer and earned the Reserve Junior Showmanship award.

Jaxen Morris showed the first place British steer, which was the British Breed Champion.

Jayden Morris showed the American Breed Champion Steer.

Jantsen Morris showed the second place British steer, which received the Reserve Breed Champion award. He also showed the American Reserve Breed Champion and was awarded Senior Showman.

Alexis Olmos was awarded Senior Showman with her third place Cross steer.

The Rabbit Show was held Wednesday, January 17 with 18 rabbits being shown in three weight classes. James Berry of Lubbock, TX judged the rabbits contest.

Alexis Pharis earned Grand Champion honors and first place with her heavy weight rabbit.

Kinzee Nash took first place and Reserve Grand Champion honors with her medium weight rabbit.

Kinley Kalbas won first in her class and 3rd overall in the Rabbit Show, Leslie Rodriguez was first in her class and 4th overall, Kadey Urbantke was first in her class and 5th overall.

The Goat, Lamb and Barrow Shows were held on Thursday, January 18, leading off with 57 goats being shown in the Goat Show. The Goat and Lamb Shows were judged by Robert Scott of Lubbock, TX.

Showing the Grand Champion Goat this year was Avery Timms of Lazbuddie.

Rylee Austin of Farwell showed the Reserve Grand Champion Goat.

Seth Murphree received the Senior Showman award with his first place goat, while Erica Barrera earned the Reserve Senior Showman award.

The Lamb Show followed immediately after the Goat Show with 79 lambs on the roster.

Ashlyn Timms of Lazbuddie showed the Grand Champion Medium Wool Lamb and earned the Reserve Senior Showman award.

Avery Timms showed the Reserve Grand Champion Lamb while receiving the Senior Showman award. She also showed the Fine Wool Breed Champion.

Paulina Carrasco showed the Breed Champion Dorper while Erick Carrasco showed the Reserve Breed Dorper.

Madison Tyler showed the Fine Wool Cross Breed Champion and received Junior Showman. Madison Osborn showed the Fine Wool Cross Reserve Breed Champion.

Sloan Osborn showed the first place Breed Champion in the Southdown class, while Madison Osborn showed the Reserve Breed Champion in the same class.

Garrett Henderson, first place in his Medium Wool class, was awarded Reserve Junior Showman.

The Barrow Show began after a short break on Thursday with 227 barrows total. Kyle Stephens of Plains, TX judged the Barrow Show.

Erica Williams showed the Grand Champion Berkshire Barrow. The Reserve Grand Champion Cross Barrow was shown by John Henry Schacher, who also earned Senior Showmanship honors. Skout Russell won Cross Reserve Breed Champion.

Hadley White showed the Berk Reserve Breed Champion.

Bryce Bunker showed the Chester Breed Champion this year, while Skout Russell showed the Chester Reserve Breed Champion.

Kylie Haseloff earned Breed Championship honors with her Duroc and Jaxen Morris earned Reserve Breed Champion with his.

Garrison Haseloff won the Landrace Breed Champion award while Paulina Carrasco took the Landrace Reserve Breed Campion honors.

MKenzie Hurst showed the Hamp Breed Champion Barrow and John Henry Schacher had the Hamp Reserve Breed Champion.

Ethan Stancell won the Spot Breed Championship while also earning the Reserve Senior Showman award. Grayson Waldrop earned the Spot Reserve Breed Champion award.

The Poland Breed Champion Barrow was shown by Madison Tyler, and the Reserve Breed Champion in this class was shown by Madison Holcomb.

Finally, the York Breed Champion award went to Marcos Juarez and his barrow, while Adaline White held the honors of York Reserve Breed Champion.

The Parmer County Junior Livestock Sale was held on Saturday, January 20, at the Friona Community Center.

Parmer County Feed Yard purchased the Grand Champion Steer for $6,600. The steer was shown by Cade Hurst of Lazbuddie.

Lowe’s Grocery of Friona purchased the Grand Champion Goat for $2,300; Avery Timms of Lazbuddie showed the prize-winning goat.

Good Shepherds purchased the Grand Champion Lamb for $2,100. Ashlyn Timms of Lazbuddie showed the lamb.

Parmer County Implement was the purchaser of the Grand Champion Barrow, which sold for $3,000. Erica Williams of Farwell showed the award-winning barrow.


Class 1: William Husted, 1st; Andrew Husted, 2nd; Desiree Carver Ramirez, 3rd; Andrew Husted, 4th; Elliot Orozco, 5th; William Husted, 6th.

Class 2: Kadey Urbantke, 1st place (5th overall); Blayne Johnston, 2nd; Matthew Dale, 3rd; Brayan Rodriguez, 4th; Dominic Carver Ramirez, 5th.

Class 3: Kinley Kalbas, 1st place (3rd overall); Mari Ferrell, 2nd; Regan Daniels, 3rd; Jacob Vasquez, 4th; Angelica Vasquez, 5th.

Class 4: Leslie Rodriguez, 1st place (4th overall); Kadey Urbantke, 2nd; Jonathon Vasquez, 3rd; Alexa Ortiz, 4th; Jamson Daniels, 5th.

Class 5: Kinzee Nash, 1st place, Reserve Grand Champion; Alex Actkinson, 2nd; Piper Actkinson, 3rd; Antonio Vasquez, 4th; Shelby Lewellen, 5th.

Class 6: Alexis Pharis, 1st place, Grand Champion, 2nd; Kenzee Nash, 3rd; Alexis Pharis, 4th, 5th.


Kaylop Villalobos, 1st place, Grand Champion Heifer.


Class 1 British: Jaxen Morris, 1st place, Breed Champion; Jantsen Morris, 2nd place, Reserve Breed Champion; Stacy Haseloff, 3rd place.

Class 2 American: Jayden Morris, 1st place, Breed Champion; Jantsen Morris, 2nd place, Reserve Breed Champion.

Class 3 American: Brynlie Cleavinger, 1st place; Breanna Haseloff, 2nd place.

Class 4 Cross: Cade Hurst, 1st place, Grand Champion, Reserve Senior Showman; Kobi Kirby, 2nd place, Reserve Grand Champion, Reserve Junior Showman; Alexis Olmos, 3rd place, Senior Showman; Brynlie Cleavinger, 4th place.

Class 5 Cross: Brynlie Cleavinger, 1st place; Hope Herrera, 2nd place; Guerrero Olmos Jr, 3rd place; Stacey Haseloff, 4th place.

Class 6 Cross: Cade Hurst, 1st place; Kobi Kirby, 2nd place.


Class 7: Seth Murphree, 1st; Maryn Terry, 2nd; Tim Ally, 3rd; Stef Ally, 4th; Lani Ruthardt, 5th; Brice Jeter, 6th; Shelton Gable, 7th; William Husted, 8th; Gabbi Douglas, 9th; Wyatt Winningham, 10th.

Class 8: Kayl Scheuler, 1st; William Husted, 2nd; Brice Jeter, 3rd; Kaden Jeter, 4th; Lane Terry, 5th; Gabbi Douglas, 6th; Ivonne Gonzalez, 7th; Jackson Gable, 8th; Charles Cooper, 9th; Erin Martinez, 10th; Katelynn Ortega, 11th.

Class 9: Seth Murphree, 1st place, Senior Showman; Lane Terry, 2nd; Seth Hoyle, 3rd; Frank Dyck, 4th; Nicole Guerra, 5th; Karen Morales, 6th; Kaden Jeter, 7th; Dieter Ally, 8th; Andrew Husted, 9th; Jose Ortega, 10th.

Class 10: Rylee Austin, 1st place, Reserve Grand Champion; Joy Cooper, 2nd; Anthony Abarca, 3rd; Peyton Schueler, 4th; Kayl Schueler, 5th; Kambree Kimbrough, 6th; Andrew Husted, 7th; Seth Hoyle, 8th; Matthew Dyck, 9th; Katelynn Ortega, 10th.

Class 11: Mason Schueler, 1st; Seth Murphree, 2nd; Ashlyn Timms, 3rd; Charles Cooper, 4th; Erica Barrera, 5th place, Reserve Senior Showman; Ashlyn Dosher, 6th; Erica Barrera, 7th; Ivonne Gonzalez, 8th; Jennifer Dyck, 9th.

Class 12: Avery Timms, 1st place, Grand Champion; Seth Murphree, 2nd; Anthony Abarca, 3rd; Shelton Gable, 4th; Hunter Widner, 5th; Jackson Gable, 6th; Erica Barrera, 7th.


Class 13 Dorper: Paulina Carrasco, 1st place, Breed Champion; Erick Carrasco, 2nd place, Reserve Breed Champion.

Class 14 Fine Wool: Avery Timms, 1st place, Breed Champion.

Class 15 Fine Wool Cross: Madison Tyler, 1st place, Breed Champion, Junior Showman; A J London, 2nd place; Sloan Osborn, 3rd; Madison Osborn, 4th; Kambree Kimbrough, 5th.

Class 16 Fine Wool Cross: Madison Osborn, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion; Ashlyn Timms, 2nd; Braddock Foster, 3rd; Dieter Ally, 4th; Braddock Foster, 5th.

Class 17 Fine Wool Cross: Bryanna Olmos, 1st; Erica Barrera, 2nd; Brandon Judah, 3rd; Kaylop Villalobos, 4th.

Class 18 Southdown: Sloan Osborn, 1st place, Breed Champion; Gabriel Abarca, 2nd.

Class 19 Southdown: Madison Osborn, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion; Brandon Judah, 2nd; Lexie Hernandez, 3rd.

Class 20 Med. Wool: Garrett Henderson, 1st place, Reserve Junior Showman; Landry Henderson, 2nd; Ivonne Gonzalez, 3rd; Bryanna Olmos, 4th; Kayl Schueler, 5th; Ivonne Gonzalez, 6th; Baylee Lavender, 7th; Kaylop Villalobos, 8th.

Class 21 Med. Wool: Kayl Schueler, 1st; Gabbi Douglas, 2nd; Mason Schueler, 3rd; Peyton Schueler, 4th; Dieter Ally, 5th; Tristan Schueler, 6th; Kenneth Morales, 7th.

Class 22 Med. Wool: Erin Martinez, 1st; John Henry Schacher, 2nd; Quay Schueler, 3rd; Avery Timms, 4th; Gabbi Douglas, 5th; Kolter Henderson, 6th; Erin Martinez, 7th.

Class 23 Med. Wool: Braddock Foster, 1st; Quay Schueler, 2nd; Tristan Schueler, 3rd; Braddock Foster, 4th; Gabbi Douglas, 5th; Mason Schueler, 6th; Madison Tyler, 7th; Angelica Valencia, 8th; Jonathan Torres, 9th; Anthony Abarca, 10th.

Class 24 Med. Wool: Ashlyn Timms, 1st place, Grand Champion, Reserve Senior Showman; Peyton Schueler, 2nd; Mason Schueler, 3rd; Kaylop Villalobos, 4th; Noah Aguilar, 5th; Madison Tyler, 6th; Roger Palacios, 7th; A J London, 8th; Efren Rodriguez, 9th; Miguel Davila, 10th.

Class 25 Med. Wool: Avery Timms, 1st place, Reserve Grand Champion, Senior Showman; Ashlyn Timms, 2nd; John Henry Schacher, 3rd; Sterling Henderson, 4th; Tristan Schueler, 5th; Jesse Delgadillo, 6th; Quay Schueler, 7th; Tristan Schueler, 8th; Stef Ally, 9th.

Class 26 Med. Wool: Peyton Schueler, 1st; John Henry Schacher, 2nd; Tim Ally, 3rd; Jesse Delgadillo, 4th; Miguel Davila, 5th; Noah Aguilar, 6th.


Class 27 Prospect: Carley Johnson, 1st; Hadley White, 2nd; Hope Herrera, 3rd; Jeri Holcomb, 4th; Kolter Henderson, 5th; Ethan Stancell, 6th.

Class 28 Prospect: MKenzie Hurst, 1st; Blayne Johnson, 2nd; Trace Stancell, 3rd; Ruemer Smyer, 4th; Brock St Clair, 5th; Madison Holcomb, 6th; Stef Ally, 7th; Sterling Henderson, 8th; Jeri Holcomb, 9th; Jaelyn Smith, 10th; Jaelyn Smith, 11th.

Class 29 Prospect: Aubree Bunker, 1st; Jarrett White, 2nd; Brock St Clair, 3rd; Carley Johnson, 4th; Mari Ferrel, 5th; Alexic Olmos, 6th; Ty Smith, 7th; Garrett Henderson, 8th; Ruemer Smyer, 9th.

Class 30 Prospect: Lauren Weaver, 1st; Jordan Carrasco, 2nd; Corey Stancell, 3rd; Erica Williams, 4th; Erick Carrasco, 5th; Yulissa Olmos, 6th; Kyle Shipp, 7th; Jaegan Nickels, 8th.

Class 31 Prospect: Madison Holcomb, 1st; Eduardo Juarez, 2nd; Madison Holcomb, 3rd; Brody White, 4th; Tristan Oborny, 5th; A J London, 6th; Hope Herrera, 7th.

Class 32 Berk: Erica Williams, 1st place, Grand Champion; Jaegan Nickels, 2nd; Aubree Bunker, 3rd.

Class 33 Berk: Hadley White, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion; Lauren Weaver, 2nd; Gunner Russell, 3rd; Ariana Antillon, 4th; Tim Ally, 5th.

Class 34 Berk: Emma Smallwood, 1st; Kennady Waldrop, 2nd; Aubrey Schueler, 3rd; Kambree Kimbrough, 4th; Erica Barrera, 5th; Jarrett White, 6th.

Class 35 Chester: Madison Tyler, 1st; John Henry Schacher, 2nd; Matthew Kube, 3rd.

Class 36 Chester: Bryce Bunker, 1st place, Breed Champion; Skout Russell, 2nd place, Reserve Breed Champion.

Class 37 Duroc: Jordan Carrasco, 1st; Nicole Guerra, 2nd; Jaxen Morris, 3rd; Kadey Urbantke, 4th; Jarrett White, 5th; Corey Stancell, 6th.

Class 38 Duroc: Parker Mahaney, 1st; Sidney Urbantke, 2nd; John Henry Schacher, 3rd; Trace Stancell, 4th; Paulina Carrasco, 5th; Andres Olmos, 6th; Ariana Antillon, 7th; Macy Davis, 8th; Grayson Waldrop, 9th.

Class 39 Duroc: Jaxen Morris, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion; Landry Henderson, 2nd; Corbin Potts, 3rd; Jeri Holcomb, 4th; Mia Nickels, 5th; Kadey Urbantke, 6th; Ty Smith, 7th; Stevie Herring, 8th; Matthew Kube, 9th.

Class 40 Duroc: Kylie Haseloff, 1st place, Breed Champion; Joshua Cox, 2nd, Walker Williams, 3rd; Kambree Kimbrough, 4th; Charlie Herring, 5th; Slade Nickels, 6th; Erica Barrera, 7th; Caden Bunker, 8th.

Class 41 Landrace: Garrison Haseloff, 1st place, Breed Champion; Paulina Carrasco, 2nd place, Reserve Breed Champion.

Class 42 Hamp: Bryce Bunker, 1st; Karen Ferrel, 2nd; Walker Williams, 3rd; Brock St Clair, 4th; Parker Mahaney, 5th; Colton Hawkins, 6th; Aubree Bunker, 7th; Kadey Urbantke, 8th; Braeden Railsback, 9th; Riley Railsback, 10th.

Class 43 Hamp: Mia Nickels, 1st; Kambree Kimbrough, 2nd; Garrett Henderson, 3rd; Lauren Weaver, 4th; Walker Williams, 5th; Sidney Urbantke, 6th; Trace Stancell, 7th; Blyane Brown, 8th; Lily Abarca, 9th; Adian Ontiveros, 10th; Elisha Carrasco, 11th.

Class 44 Hamp: MKenzie Hurst, 1st place, Breed Champion; John Henry Schacher, 2nd place, Reserve Breed Champion; Ethan Stancell, 3rd; Joseph Crume, 4th; Aubrey Schueler, 5th; Brayden Potts, 6th; Kennady Waldrop, 7th; Jaegan Nickels, 8th.

Class 45 Hamp: Garrison Haseloff, 1st; Angel Ontiveros, 2nd; Braddock Foster, 3rd; Preston Stewart, 4th; Juan Silva, 5th.

Class 46 Hamp: Hailey Stewart, 1st; Ramon Silva, 2nd; Leelynn Davis, 3rd.

Class 47 Spot: Ty Smith, 1st; Elisha Carrasco, 2nd; Landry Henderson, 3rd; Adaline White, 4th; Riley Railsback, 5th.

Class 48 Spot: Jaelyn Smith, 1st; Charley Oborny, 2nd; Charlie Herring, 3rd.

Class 49 Spot: Ethan Stancell, 1st place, Breed Champion, Reserve Senior Showman; Grayson Waldrop, 2nd place, Reserve Breed Champion; Jackie Ferrel, 3rd; Carson Davis, 4th.

Class 50 Poland: Madison Holcomb, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion; Skout Russell, 2nd; Jacob Vasquez, 3rd.

Class 51 Poland: Madison Tyler, 1st place, Breed Champion; Garrison Haseloff, 2nd; Emma Schueler, 3rd.

Class 52 York: Kylie Haseloff, 1st; Skout Russell, 2nd; Hadley White, 3rd; A J London, 4th; Jordan Carrasco, 5th.

Class 53 York: Adaline White, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion; Slade Nickels, 2nd; Leelynn Davis, 3rd; Kyle Shipp, 4th.

Class 54 York: Marcos Juarez, 1st place, Breed Champion; Kylie Haseloff, 2nd; Daniel Silva, 3rd; Corey Stancell, 4th; Carson Davis, 5th; Juan Silva, 6th.

Class 55 Cross: Trace Stancell, 1st; Ethan Stancell, 2nd; Hadley White, 3rd; Ali Bennett, 4th; Emma Schueler, 5th; Keegan Hurst, 6th.

Class 56 Cross: Brock St Clair, 1st; Jarrett White, 2nd; Aubree Bunker, 3rd; Adaline White, 4th; Caden Bunker, 5th; Samuel Frye, 6th; Sterling Henderson, 7th; Elisha Carrasco, 8th; Dieter Ally, 9th; Gabriel Abarca, 10th.

Class 57 Cross: Kolter Henderson, 1st; Erica Williams, 2nd; Garrison Haseloff, 3rd; Sidney Urbantke, 4th; Ruemer Smyer, 5th; Ariana Antillon, 6th; Walker Williams, 7th.

Class 58 Cross: Matthew Kube, 1st; Caden Bunker, 2nd; Corey Stancell, 3rd; Madison Tyler, 4th; Cody Dewit, 5th; Zeus Zamudio, 6th; Cody Dewit, 7th; Hailey Stewart, 8th; Kassidy Nelson, 9th; Leelynn Davis, 10th.

Class 59 Cross: John Henry Schacher, 1st place, Reserve Grand Champion, Senior Showman; Preston Stewart, 2nd; Hailey Stewart, 3rd; Bryce Bunker, 4th; Jeri Holcomb, 5th; Ramon Silva, 6th; Adaline White, 7th; Samuel Frye, 8th; Madison Tyler, 9th; Joshua Cox, 10th.

Class 60 Cross: Kylie Haseloff, 1st; Braeden Railsback, 2nd; Kambree Kimbrough, 3rd; MKenzie Hurst, 4th; Caden Bunker, 5th; Lani Ruthardt, 6th; Gabriel Abarca, 7th; Hanna Branch, 8th; Blyane Brown, 9th; Grayson Waldrop, 10th.

Class 61 Cross: Skout Russell, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion; Preston Stewart, 2nd; Thomas Smallwood, 3rd; Keegan Hurst, 4th; Filippo Maestri, 5th; Bryce Bunker, 6th; Daniel Silva, 7th; Matthew Kube, 8th; Riley Railsback, 9th; Brayden Potts, 10th.