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Links for Thursday, October 17, 2013:

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Commissioners court meeting

The County Commissioners met Tuesday October 15, 2013. They considered previous minutes, accounts payable, the county treasurer’s report, and some AFLAC insurance options.

Petition signatures to legalize alcohol sales in Bovina were verified but commissioners said no special election will be approved by the county. Radford Venable is the Bovina resident and spokesman for the alcohol sales legislation. Commissioners clarified that an alcohol election could be held in the city limits of Bovina or in Justice of the Peace Precinct 2, which is different than Parmer County Precinct 2.

Branch early voting was approved to be held in Friona October 31 at Friona Interbank. Approval was given to pay utility bills prior to court meetings in order to avoid late fees. An inter-local agreement between Parmer County and Lubbock County for the Regional Public Defender for capital cases was renewed.

It was noted that the Parmer County Sheriff’s Office currently has openings for a jailer and a dispatcher. County Clerk Colleen Stover has announced her retirement. County Judge Trey Ellis attended Judge’s conferences in Terlingua and Galveston. Three of the four county commissioners also attended the Galveston conference.