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Links for Thursday, September 12, 2013:

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Chiefs battle hard but lose to Stratford

Great news!!! Home builder: Wayne Berry of Jillian Homes located in Clovis, New Mexico has agreed to come to Friona and build some duplexes/condos on the block between 6th & 7 street between Ashland and Woodland. Blue prints are at the architect as we speak. We will be able to see the prints in the near future to get an idea of what Wayne is proposing to build.

There will be mostly 2-bedroom, along with some 3 bedroom and a few 1-bedroom duplexes. We are very excited about this much needed addition. There will be a ground breaking ceremony on September 16th. This addition would not have been possible without the FEDC and Cargill(Jon Surman). A special thanks goes out to everyone involved that made this possible and a much needed addition to our community. Friona has needed this addition for a long time.

Once these homes are completed and filled, we have visions of a phase two. If Friona is going to attract any new businesses and if Friona is going to grow, we know that this is the first step to help make that possible.

Atmos Energy is donating one of their used dump trucks to the City of Friona. We are so grateful to Atmos Energy for this generous donation. The public works employees do a lot of work that require the use of a dump truck. I know they are very appreciative and will put the dump truck to good use.

I discussed in the past the American Red Cross approving some shelters in Friona to help aid our citizens in case Friona has a catastrophe. Currently there are 5 shelters approved by the Red Cross: Community Center, Calvary Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, 6TH Street Church of Christ and the High School Activity Center. The approval of these volunteered organizations was crucial to involve the Red Cross to be a viable resource in the event we have a tornado or any other catastrophe.

Monica Lea (American Red Cross) will be training any volunteers from each organization as soon as they are designated. Steven Pair(American Red Cross) mentioned their budget has been approved and Friona will be receiving 250 cots and accessories to be stored at the approved designated shelters so we will be able to make a quicker response and easier access to the supplies needed. Once the training is completed and the cots are stored, there will be some communication and education to all Friona citizens on where to go when the need arises.

This would not have been possible without the volunteering of these organizations. Thanks to each organization for their commitment to assist and help the citizens of Friona in case we experience a catastrophe. Hopefully, it will never happen, but it’s good to have a plan of action and be prepared.

Chief Officer Mooney and the officers were busy again this month. Calls for service= 265. Total arrest= 3(1-Burgalry, 1-DWI, 1-Marijuana possession). Total citations=64. Total warnings=126.

The Friona Police Department teamed up with the Friona Volunteer Fire Department and together raised money to contract a book for the Elementary kids. The book is a 48 page book that covers many different topics. The title of the book is “The Little People’s Guide To The Big World”. Each Elementary child will receive a book. Thanks to the Police Department and the Volunteer Fire department for making this possible.

Mark your calendar for October 1, 2013. The Friona Police Department will be sponsoring “National Night Out”. It will be held at the Community Center from 6:30PM to 9:00PM. Hamburgers will be served, so come out and enjoy all of the activities put on by the Friona Volunteer Fire Department and the Friona Police Department.

The city pumped 23,768,400 gallons of water for the month of August. Sold, 17,057,000 gallons of water and billed out, $74,327.96. Water usage was down compared to July, approximately 3,000 gallons. Water conservation is very important and we all need to continue to make efforts not to waste water.

The Friona Volunteer Fire Department was called out 3 times in the month of August. There were 3 small fires, 1 fire inside the city limits, 2 fires outside the city limits.

The EMS made a total of 30 runs in August. There were 11 calls for 911 and 11 transfers made.

Judge Campbell was busy again in August. She had 54 new cases with 47 trial by Judge(guilty). There were 6 new Juvenile cases filed and the court collected $3,902.92.

A final note, we will continue to work on getting highway 60 cleaned up and more eye-appealing for people traveling through Friona. Some progress has been made in getting the weeds down, but we have more work to do. There are some areas up and down highway 60 that look good. Thanks to all of the businesses that have taken the time and care to address this issue.