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Links for Thursday, September 12, 2013:

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McFarlands win week one football contest

The 2013 football contest is underway. Week one is done but there are 11 more weeks to play. Entering every week increases your chances of winning the $100 grand prize and you might win a few $25 prizes along the way. We have never had a grand prize winner that did not enter every week.

The first week had three contestants pick 14 of 15 games. They were Ronald Diaz of Friona and Rusty McFarland and John McFarland, both of Friendswood, Texas. We used the tie-breaker to determine the winner, in this case two winners. The McFarlands turned in identical entries, even down to both tie-breakers being the same. The tie-breaker game was Cowboys-Giants 67 points. The McFarlands’ guess was 48 and Ronald Diaz guessed 28 so they were closer.

Each McFarland received a check for $12.50. When two or more contestants tie on both tie-breakers the $25 is split among the winners. There is no advantage in submitting identical entries folks. If you pick the same games at least vary the tie-breakers. It increases your odds of winning.

The following first week players picked 13 of 15 correct and are off to a good start: Michael Villa, Myrtle Melton, William Gromowsky, Rick Castaneda, Greg O’Brian, and Brent Loflin.

In with 12 of 15 correct were: Mack McFarland, Raul Braillif, Bailee Braillif, Mal Manchee, Jessica Dearing, Lance Field, Ron Smiley, Gaines Butman, and Claire Brown.

We are glad to see so many entries this week and encourage you to enter every week. We receive entries from many area towns and across the state. Thanks for entering. Have some fun and enjoy the competition.

Beginning next week we will begin publishing the standings each week. We keep account of individual point totals in the race for the grand prize. We keep the entry forms until the contest is over. If there is any question about your total let us know by email or phone and we will check it out.

Week two entry form is in this week’s Star. Interesting high school game included between Booker and Brock. They play Saturday in Sweetwater. Tough pick. Be careful and good luck.