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Library Corner

By Darla Bracken

It’s Story Time for Preschoolers.

Once again the time has come for a graduation, not from high school, but from our Library Story Time Program, “Dig Into Reading”.

We have been blessed with 20 children from the Friona ISD Daycare program and from the community at large. We read the story “Our Library” about a group of animal kids who were about to lose their library.

So, this enterprising group of children lead by a wise raccoon, gets busy to save their library. First, they help paint the library; then, they help put on a new roof.

Then Ms. Goose, the librarian, tells them that it is great to have the needed work done, but that it will take a lot of money to operate the library. So, they proceed to check out books to learn how to make money fast and they do with bake sales, an art sale, door-to-door candy sales--and they raise the money!

Then the owner of the land the library sits on wants to build something else there and they convince the owner of some meadow land to move their library there so that his grandson can use the library—and they do! They were that convinced of the value and worth of their library and they did something about it.

Even our group of 3, 4 and 5-year-olds already knew the value of their library… And guess what the library got a new roof this year?

New on the bookshelf: Unlucky 13 by James Patterson, Back Lands by Michael McGarrity, Field of Prey by John Sandford, A family Affair by Fern Michaels.

The SonShine School class from First Baptist Church also came for their annual visit this week.

We read Planting a Rainbow and Waiting for wings which turned out to be great since they had hatched their own butterflies during their classes this year as one of their projects.

Be sure to visit our webpage www.frionalibrary.org to use the Tumblebooks database. There are a lot of books for children on the site that are read-alongs for children. It is an excellent resource that you can access from home. All you need is your library card and pin number. Call the library 250-3200 if you need help.

I always get a lump in my throat at the final story time program for the year.