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Links for Thursday, January 22, 2015:

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Eighty-one animals shown at Friona Stock Show

The Friona Stock Show was held Saturday, January 17 at the Friona Community Center. There were 81 animals entered in the show this year. Boys Ranch Ag Science Teacher Scotty Wright served as judge.

Winners in the Goat Show were:

Class 1: 1st Samuel Frye; 2nd Gabriel Abarca; and 3rd Anthony Abarca.

Class 2: 1st and Reserve Grand Champion Seth Murphree; 2nd Tyler Hough; and 3rd Kambree Kimbrough.

Class 3: 1st Quay Schueler; 2nd Tyler Hough; 3rd Sydney Frye; and 4th Anthony Abarca.

Class 4: 1st, Grand Champion and Goat Showmanship Tristan Schueler; 2nd Tyler Hough; 3rd Seth Murphree; and 4th Stef Ally.

Class 5; 1st Jory Barrera; 2nd Kambree Kimbrough; and 3rd Peyton Schueler.

Winners in the Sheep Show were:


Class 6: 1st and Southdown Breed Champion Sterling Osborn; 2nd Gabriel Abarca; and 3rd Dieter Ally.

Class 7: 1st and Southdown Reserve Champion Antonio Adame; and 2nd Jory Barrera.


Class 8: 1st and Breed Champion Erica Barrera.

Finewool Cross:

Class 9: 1st and Finewool Cross Breed Champion Antonio Adame; 2nd place Stef Ally; and 3rd Dieter Ally.

Class 10: 1st and Finewool Cross Reserve Champion Sterling Osborn; 2nd Anthony Abarca; and 3rd Karlee Osborn.

Medium Wool:

Class 11: 1st and Medium Wool Breed Champion Erica Barrera; 2nd Rogelio Palacios; 3rd Anthony Abarca; and 4th Peyton Schueler.

Class 12: 1st and Medium Wool Reserve Champion Jessie Delgadillo; 2nd Quay Schueler; 3rd Peyton Schueler; and 4th Tristan Schueler.

Class 13: 1st Tristan Schueler; 2nd Stef Ally; and 3rd Peyton Schueler.

Class 14: 1st Edgar Guerrero; 2nd Quay Schueler; 3rd Dieter Ally; and 4th Tristan Schueler.

The Grand Champion Lamb belonged to Erica Barrera while the Reserve Champion Lamb and Sheep Showmanship awards went to Antonio Adame.

Winners in the Swine Show were:


Class 15: 1st and Duroc Reserve Champion Brayden Pope; 2nd Kendall Barnett; 3rd Courtney Bunker; and 4th Kambree Kimbrough.

Class 16: 1st and Duroc Breed Champion Josh Barnett; 2nd Stef Ally; and 3rd Dieter Ally.

Chester White:

Class 17: 1st and Chester White Breed Champion Sydney Frye; 2nd and Chester White Reserve Champion Paulina Mena; and 3rd Courtney Bunker.

Black OPB

Class 18: 1st and Black OPB Breed Reserve Champion Jory Barrera; and 2nd Samuel Frye.

Class 19: 1st and Black OPB Breed Champion Keegan Hurst; 2nd Sterling Osborn; 3rd Erica Barrera.


Class 20: 1st Edgar Ramirez; 2nd Kendall Barnett; and 3rd Josh Barnett.

Class 21: 1st and Hamp Reserve Champion Jarrett White; 2nd Emma Schueler; and 3rd Bryce Bunker.

Class 22: 1st and Hamp Breed Champion Paulina Mena; 2nd Seth Fothergill; 3rd Brayden Pope; and 4th Jarrett White.


Class 23: 1st and York Breed Champion Keegan Hurst; and 2nd and York Reserve Champion Karlee Osborn.


Class 24: 1st and Cross Reserve Champion Andrea Juarez; 2nd Jarrett White; 3rd Bryce Bunker; and 4th Emma Schueler.

Class 25: 1st Caden Bunker; and 2nd Stef Ally.

Class 26: 1st and Cross Breed Champion Dan O’Brian; 2nd Brayden Pope; 3rd Jarrett White; and 4th Dieter Ally.

Grand Champion Swine and Swine Showmanship awards went to Dan O’Brian while Andrea Juarez earned the Reserve Champion Swine award.

Pee Wee Lambs showmen were Lilly Abarca, Mason Schueler and Kayl Schueler. Pee Wee Swine showmen were Aubree Bunker and Aubrey Schueler.