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Hospital to take over Prairie Acres/Heritage

The Hospital District board of directors voted to proceed with plans to take over the ownership and management of Prairie Acres Nursing Home and Friona Heritage Estates assisted living facility.

Prairie Acres and Heritage Estates have always been owned by the City of Friona. For several years the city has wanted to divest itself of the two facilities. Talks have been ongoing with the hospital district to assume management and operation of the properties.

The hospital district board held a joint meeting with the Muleshoe Hospital board Monday January 12. Preferred Management, the company that operates Parmer Medical Center and the Friona Rural Health Clinic, has recently also leased the Muleshoe Hospital. The purpose of the joint meeting was to seek management services for the communities' nursing homes.

Discussions were held to contract with Oklahoma based nursing home management company Diakonos Group once control has been transferred to the hospital district. Hospital District board president Danny Kendrick said the primary goal for taking over Prairie Acres and Heritage Estates is to assure that the long-term care facilities remain open and continue to provide excellent Care and service to the citizens of Friona and Parmer County.

Kendrick said the board estimates it will take about six months to work out the legal details and due diligence required to complete the takeover.