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Links for Thursday, October 13, 2016:

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Glover, McFarland win Week 6

Two games in the Week 6 football contest were disqualified and counted as correct guesses for our players. The LSU/Florida game was postponed due to the hurricane. The San Francisco/Oakland game was discounted because it should have been San Diego/Oakland.

Eleven contestants had a perfect 12 in Week 6. Another 13 missed only one game and had 11 correct. Using the Texas Tech 38/Kansas State 44 tie-breaker, our local postmaster Jack Glover emerged as the first place winner. He was only two points off the tie-breaker. In 2nd place was Mack McFarland of Crane, Texas. He was 4 points off the tie-breaker.

The rest of the field and their points off the tie-breaker were: David Woods 5, Enrique Rodriguez 5, Sandra Berend 9, Phillip Johnson 13, Claire Brown 19, Rusty McFarland 23, Scott Brown 23, Frank Dominguez 31, and William Gromowsky 33.

No real movement in the total points race. Gromowsky and Woods still lead with 54 points. Glover and Rusty McFarland follow with 52 points. Check out the standings and make your move in Week 7. Remember there are four more contests to come in our 10-week contest. Good luck.