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Jackie Legarreta advances to CC regionals

The Friona High School and Junior High Cross Country teams competed in District competition on Monday, October 9 at Mae Simmons Park in Lubbock.

FHS Cross Country runner Jackie Legarreta placed 5th with a time of 12:48.71 and qualified her for Regional competition, which will be once again in Lubbock at Mae Simmons Park on Monday, October 23.

Earning medals were FJHS team members Jared Rejino, 2nd place with a time of 11:58.46, and Isaias Olmos, 8th place with a time of 12:36.88.

The Varsity Boys team competition was 5K with 45 runners from seven teams. Competing were Adrian Legarreta, 17th with a time of 18:52.73; Mario Hernandez, 24th with a time of 20:10.63; Andy Romero, 29th with a time of 21:09.90; Damian Rodriguez, 37th with a time of 22:31.89; Uziel Carrasco, 41st with a time of 23:13.66; Omar Estrada, 42nd with a time of 23:17.58; and Julian Cruz, 44th with a time of 25:22.28.

The Varsity girls team competed in a two-mile run with 47 runners from six teams. Competing were Kylee Sifuentes, 16th with a time of 13:55.18; Emily Amaya, 32nd with a time of 15:06.21; Verenice Mendoza, 40th with a time of 15:47.62; Sandra Gonzalez, 44th with a time of 16:55.84; Vivianna Rivera, 45th with a time of 17:46.62; and Valerie Ramirez, 47th with a time of 23:29.30.

The Junior High Boys team competed in a two-mile run with 57 runners from six teams. Competing were Tim Ally, 11th with a time of 12:43.03; Alan Martinez, 18th with a time of 13:35.88; Moises Pina, 20th with a time of 13:42.17; Alberth Arguelles, 25th with a time of 13:43.60; Stef Ally, 25th with a time of 13:58.20; and Eduardo Jimenez, 56th with a time of 17:27.19.

The Junior High Girls team competed in a two-mile race with 69 runners. Competing were Esperanza Santiago, 68th with a time of 18:19.89 and Aneesa Amaya, 69th with a time of 19:52.02.