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Voters Pass School Bond

Darrin Gilley and Jeri Lynn White elected to Board of Trustees

The voting is over and the results are in. Voters elected two School Board Trustees and decided the fate of the $19 million school bond measure in last Saturday’s election. A total of 510 persons voted in the election and of those 239 voted early.

In the Friona Independent School District Trustee Election, Cindy Moreno, Jeri Lynn White, and Darrin Gilley were vying for two at-large places on the Board. Final voting totals showed that Darrin received 389 votes, Jeri Lynn received 338 votes, and Cindy received 158 votes. Darrin and Jeri Lynn will serve full terms on the Board. Darrin served a one-year special term last year and Jeri Lynn will begin her first term this year.

In the Special Election, voters approved the $19 million FISD bond measure by the vote of 246 to 202. It called for the issuance of $19,000,000 of bonds by the Friona Independent School District for the construction, acquisition, renovation, and equipment of school buildings in the district, and the levying of the tax for payment thereof.

Election Administrator Rosa Mendez would like to thank her fellow election workers and the four student poll workers Adriana Ortiz-Carrillo, Damian Rodriguez, Angel Valencia, and Kessly Salinas for their help in conducting the election.

A Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Friona ISD was held at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7th to canvass the results from the May 4th election and to adopt an Order declaring the results. The Board had met at noon in another Special Meeting in closed session to consider contracts, resignations, and reassignments. Sara Smiley and Rachel Clark were hired as new Primary School teachers.