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New Police policy in effect for unlicensed, uninsured drivers

At the city council meeting Monday Friona Police Chief Frank Mooney informed council members of a new policy in town regarding unlicensed and uninsured drivers. Following is an explanation of the policy as furnished by Chief Mooney to the Friona Star:

It is the position of the Friona Police Department that unlicensed, uninsured drivers, and drivers whose licenses are invalid represent a hazard to themselves and the community at large.

Unlicensed drivers are not only violating state law while operating a motor vehicle ona public roadway, but are less likely to be able to operate a motor vehicle safely, due to failure to know or understand the traffic laws of Texas.

Uninsured drivers also present a threat to other drivers due to their inability to meet the fiscal responsibility of operating a motor vehicle. The failure of drivers to maintain insurance has the potential to affect innocent accident victims well beyond the accident, sometimes for a lifetime. Uninsured drivers victimize all insured drivers in that the insured drivers must pay inflated insurance premiums to compensate for the lack of coverage by others.

The State has further identified a group of drivers who pose a substantial safety risk to other motorists in the community and those drivers have had their licenses suspended, revoked, cancelled, or denied renewal.

Our new policy will affect drivers who are driving with no driver license, uninsured drivers, drivers with an invalid license, and those involved in an injury or life threatening accident. These drivers will be issued a citation AND their vehicle will be impounded.

In the instance where a licensed operator is a passenger in the vehicle, the vehicle may be released to the licensed driver. If instances involve drivers with no insurance, their vehicle will be impounded and the driver will be issued a citation for no insurance.

This new policy will help to protect the community and those individuals passing through the City of Friona. Every attempt will be made to ensure the affected drivers are transported to a location from which they will be able to contact someone to pick them up. Cooperation will ensure everyone is safe and able to enjoy our fine community.